Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Small Beginnings

I've been having such a grand time picking out and buying some of the mini materials needed to get started on my first dollhouse. Crown moulding, baseboards, beadboard, chair rail, a new interior door - all for the first room that I'll be remodeling - the kitchen!

I chose one of the bigger rooms for the kitchen because, well, I just like big kitchens! Besides, there needs to be lots of space for all the baking that will be done here in the future! I will be creating the tin ceiling myself, as well as the new hardwood flooring. I've already removed the little fireplace shown in the photo to make space for the cast iron antique style stove that I've ordered {it's on backorder and will arrive in August}. What do you think? It was only about $16 at!

I've done some preliminary work on the space like sanding and wood filling, but besides waiting on more supplies to arrive, hubs needs to get started on dollhouse electrical work. I know that technically I could do this if I read up and studied on it a bit, but this is part of what he does for a living, so I'll let it be his contribution to the house! I would be perfectly happy without lighting {most of the lighting that I like is really expensive and the more affordable ones, I'm not too thrilled about}, but my girls are tickled pink with the idea of having working lights.

I'm also up in the air about the windows in this dollhouse. While they are charming in a vintage dollhouse kind of way, they also seem to be too chunky and the mullions are out of scale. They window opeings are not a standard size - a bit larger, actually, so I'm wondering if I could even make standard sized replacement windows work with some shimming and a bit of work? Or maybe I could just replace the mullions by making my own? Or should I just retain the basic original "charm" of my first dollhouse and not worry about them? Hmmm...

I'm working on a bit of furniture as well and am almost finished with an island. I haven't yet figured out the layout of this space but I do know there needs to be room for the stove, a sink, and a row of lower cabinets with perhaps shelving above {no doors}. There is the island to make room for as well as an informal dining/work farm table.

Tell me, in miniature world, does traffic flow and functionality really matter as much? Or is it "the cozier the better" in most cases? So much to learn!

I so appreciate all the new followers today! Thank you, Tallulah Belle, for the sweet shout out!


  1. I also love that stove, Maybe in my next house! LOL. My main concern about layout of rooms is if it looks good to my eye. Remember you don't have a 4th room like in a RL house. That is still something I fight with at times. Teresa

  2. Removing the existing windows (depending how they are attached) could open, as they say, a very large can of worms...especially if they cannot be replaced by standard-sized windows. You might end up making all new windows yourself, not to mention repairing any damage incurred by the removal. Certainly a big job, but do-able...depends on your skillset and time.

    I don't usually put people (dolls)into my miniature setting so I don't worry about leaving them much spce to move around :-). It just needs to look pleasing. And I don't worry much about the "fourth wall". I pretend it is there (as in theater) and often put furniture, such as a bench or table or even some chairs, right up front. Just not something tall that would block the view.

    If the electric is all in place and accessable, in time you can add things using Cir-Kits adapters. Try making some of your own lighting.

    Have fun!

  3. Dear Kim, thank you for accepting my invitation to be my 200th follower. For this I sent a little thought, even as a contribution to the new house that needs so many things ... Write me an email with your address and, above, participate in the give away, if you like :-) And now we come to the post: I like that you chose a large room for kitchen, you always need lots of space for all accessories!
    What style décor of your home? From cast iron stove, say Victorian ...
    However, I'm curious to see developments :-)
    I embrace and I wish you good job, Flora

  4. I have that stove and I love it! I agree with Tabitha- it depends on how much work you want to do and whether or not you think the windows will always bother you the way they are or not. My hubby did the electricity on my house too- I didn't want to attempt it and was glad to turn it over. I didn't care so much about the lights at first either- but there is something very magical about turning down the lights and turning on the lights in the dollhouse and peering inside :) I'm so excited for you!

  5. Teresa, that is so true - I really like the idea of rooms looking good to the eye. Afterall, the rooms we admire in magazines are often staged just to look good to the eye and aren't always completely functional. Good point!

    Tabitha, that is my concern - opening up a big can of worms! Since this is my first house, I'm working on "no prior experience" so I think I'm leaning on leaving them "as is" or at the very most, replacing the mullions if possible. And another vote for just making the rooms look pleasing and not worrying as much about traffic flow! Sounds great to me!

    Flora, you are such a dear! It was my pleasure to be your 200th follower and I look forward to following all of your amazing dollhouse endeavors! How wonderful and sweet of you to want to send something for my first dollhouse! Thank you, and I will email you and also stop in for your giveaway! How fun!

    The style of the house will be shabby cottage style. Lots of white with accents of red, robin's egg blue - and a bit of pink! :)

  6. Kim, it looks like we were posting at about the same time! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gladly turns the electrical work over to the hubby! I'm so afraid that I'll mess it up and he seems quite confident, so I'd rather him do it! I know I'll be glad when it's done...I think at the moment I just want to move ahead with the woodwork and hate waiting around for him to have some time to work on the lighting. I need to have some more patience - especially with this hobby!

  7. Kim,

    I have been lost in (cyber)space viewing all the wonderful miniature/doll house links! Thank you for posting them. My kit is on back order and I am considering doing what you did, especially since I am eager to start my renovations and decorating.

    Your Friend,

  8. I love that you picked such a big room for the kitchen. The Daydream Cottage has a small kitchen. At first I was worried about the "kitchen triangle" then just let it go.

    Can't wait to see your tin ceiling.

  9. Deborah, isn't it wonderful! I'm amazed at all the talent! So inspiring! I would say to you to go for it! I'm sure you can find a used dollhouse on Craigslist and fairly inexpensively at that. I'm so sorry your house is on backorder, though. My first house was as well and I ended up canceling the order. Whatever you decided to do, please keep us posted!

    Heather, I thought about that, too - the kitchen triangle! But like you, I'm just going to have to "let it go", hehe, and have fun with it!

  10. Oh, this is so cool!

    You are where I was a year ago around now.

    But, I'm still there! lol ;)

  11. You're intrigued with dollhouse miniatures (and I'm getting there!) And I'm fascinated with fairy gardens. We should have a club about minis combining the two!

  12. the stove!! you are where I will be a year from now!

  13. Dale, good to meet you! I hope to be here a year from now, too!

    Brenda,there is just something about tiny *anything* that is so intriguing, isn't there??!!

    Minnie, can't wait to see your dollhouse endeavors as well! Your food is simply are so talented!

  14. Kim, I'm here a year later, but alas, no progress on the electric. It intimidates both me and hubby. Some day... :)