Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Handmade Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Many moons ago, I tried my hand at making a piece of furniture... a kitchen island, for my miniature farmhouse kitchen. It turned out 'ok', but wasn't square, and the more I looked at it, the less I like it. So I put it away and ordered a new island. However, my girls still preferred my crooked little rookie creation. Reluctantly, I pulled it back out recently and worked on it a bit more. I was able to level it up, put a new top on it, and repaint it red for a whole new look. I think I really like it now!

I've mentioned before that this island design was based on my own kitchen island which is made of old house parts, including a tin-ceiling front. :)

{I made a little toolbox for the tools... still have to paint it!)

I wanted the new 'old' island top to look as if it were made of old barnwood... this look was achieved by wiping on and off a little burnt umber and white acrylic paint and then sanding....

I think the little handmade island will be a charming addition to our little house and I'm so glad my girls persuaded me to give it a second chance!

Until next time!