Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miniature Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Progress

It's been a while, but slowly I've been plugging away at the old farmhouse kitchen. With it being my first dollhouse rehab project {or first dollhouse project period!}, it surely has been trial and error! Here is where I started...a thirty year old SAD little kitchen!

I'm going for some real cottage charm with this space, so here is where I am now...

Loving the new shabby old door!

The wall on the left will hold upper and lower cabinets. I've built them....still need to paint and hang them, so I'm holding off adding trim to this wall until after they are installed.

The opposite wall there across from the stove {where the chair is} will hold the sink and some lower cabinets...

In other news, I've begun the mini patisserie. More on that soon!