Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Miniature Chocolate Cake

Hello there! I would like to formally introduce myself as I am brand new to the world of miniatures - and what a fascinating, whole new world it is! My name is Kim and I am the author of the blog "The Twice Remembered Cottage" - which is a documentation of progress as we slowly turn our home into our own cottage haven. I decided to create this blog to document my miniature projects, however. If you are a miniature pro, a newbie like me, or just thinking about getting started, I welcome you and your thoughts and ideas as I begin to figure things out. I have a feeling I'm going to need all the help I can get!

I recently decided to try my hand at making a polymer clay miniature cake and while there is definitely a lot of room for improvement, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I don't think I quite got the layers even or straight but it really does look like one of my real life crooked cakes! I don't have any fancy cake plates or serving dishes yet, so I made both the cake plate and the saucer holding the slice, too. What fun!

For this cake, I followed the general instructions of this wonderful tutorial written by the fine miniature artisan Betsy Niederer. If you have a moment, check out some of her beautiful work on Flickr. Simply amazing!


  1. I think you did a great job on the cake. It looks realistic to me in that it looks like its is so moist, it was hard to stand up straight. I'm looking forward to your blog on the house. Doll houses and miniatures fascinate me.

  2. Adorable mini cake!

    I just recently purchased a Marx tin dollhouse just like I had in the early 60's and hope to add original furniture to it. I also have a 3 story wood dollhouse that is my pride. It came furnished but needs lots of extras, so I'm sure I'll get great inspiration from you!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. I am SO glad you found Betsy!! She is a sweetheart. Her work is AMAZING!! Your cake is fantastic too! Looks real!

  4. Wow, Kim!! I LOVE the way your cake looks! Very, very realistic! I am not really "into" miniatures but I will certainly follow along. I wanted to do a dollhouse for Reagan and I realized it was just too tedious for me. I may try the cake, though, for the dollhouse I bought for her. I need to do more crafts with her. I looked at the tutorial and it seems...ummm...not that easy. When you aren't a crafter, just the items needed sound foreign and intimidating! LOL. I know you are going to do an incredible job with this house, family and their story!

  5. I love love love your beautiful cake! I too am a dollhouse lover! Mine is currently being enjoyed by my neices till the restoration of my own house is complete. Check it out:


  6. Kim,

    Your polymer clay miniature cake, plate and saucer are very realistic looking! You are too funny: "it really does look like one of my real life crooked cakes!" But does it taste as good? The tiny little crumbs are adorable.

    Question: Where are you keeping your doll house?

    Your Friend,

  7. Thanks, ladies! D, they are fascinating, aren't they?!

    Stephanie, have fun with your new dollhouse - how fun!

    Home and Heart, I'm glad I found her, too! A blog reader shared it with me...was that you who gave me her link? Her work is just amazing!

    Lol, Heather! I know, I was intimidated by the materials list, too, and it took me quite a while to gather everything! A lot of materials for such a tiny cake!

    Dorie, what an amazing dollhouse you have! It looks so realistic! I'm sure you can't wait to get it back so that you can enjoy it to the fullest again!

    Deborah, yes, that's how my cakes always turn out, no matter how careful I am, hehe!

    I'm keeping the dollhouse in the studio for now since there is a lot of sanding and painting involved. :)

  8. Wow don't waste time huh :-)

    The cake is amazing...especially for your first attempt.

    Betsy is a wonderful food artist. And such a lovely person. When I first got into miniatures I played about with making food and she was just so helpful.

    Before long you'll have a table full of treats.

    As you meander though the minis blogs you'll find lots of tips on using trash to make minis. I believe someone uses the caps of milk cartons to make little plates. Painted up you'd never know :-)

  9. I think your first cake looks just fine....better than most of my "real" layers cakes.LOL

    Welcome to the world of miniatures. Have and enjoy the journey.


  10. I love your little cake- especially the swirls in the frosting- yum! I can't wait to see you work on your house :)

  11. Una tarta preciosa, enhorabuena.
    Gracias por los enlaces.
    Me ha encantado visitar tu blog.
    besitos ascension

  12. Could I please have a slice of the cake? It looks yummy.
    Your house is going to be fun to follow.. I can tell by the family story, that it will be an adventure of love.
    I am a few years into actually trying my hand at mini's.. I follow alot of blogs thru bloglines reader.. There is some wonderful people out there and am I sure you will be able to find any answers that may arise.
    Thanks for sharing the story.

  13. Kim I think your cake looks AMAZING!!! My first clay ckae didn't look anywhere near that good! Well done!

  14. Hi Kim, I am new to miniatures as well. But somehow have acquired four houses! I look forward to following along on your site!

  15. Hello Kim, I also love the dollhouses and miniatures and joyfully follow the restoration of your house :-)
    I think there is much work to do but also many untapped potential. The house is still very beautiful.
    I'm working on my Victorian house: if you like, come to see Villa Elisa :-)
    BTW, I am searching for my follower No. 200: You want to be?
    There is a good give away!
    With love flora

  16. Wow, this has been *such* a surprise to log on this evening {for the first time today} and see so many new readers and such thoughtful comments! Thank you all for visiting my new niche on the web and encouraging me regarding my first cake and dollhouse! I look forward to visiting all of you as well!

    Flora - I'm 200!