Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farmhouse Cabinetry

It has certainly been a while, but I thought I'd share some of the progress I've made on the old farmhouse. It seemed like such a feat for a first timer, but I finally got all of the kitchen cabinetry put together. After gluing each tiny little piece together and sanding everything just right so that all the doors and drawers closed properly, I painted everything only to find that the doors and drawers would no longer close properly! So more sanding... and more sanding ... and more sanding...

I ordered the upper cabinets already assembled {they are not yet hung on the walls in these photos}, but removed the plastic "glass" doors and installed "chicken wire" in their place. For the chicken wire, I just used fabric netting spray painted brown. I was very pleased with how it turned out!

The counter top will be trimmed down a bit and painted to look like dark stained wood. it think it will contrast nicely with all the white, don't you?

I will need to add little handles as well. Can anyone recommend where I could find some sweet ones?

What do you think of the shelf and drawer liner? I decided long ago that Little Rosey Posey's farmhouse should be fun and cheerful {fitting for both Rosey and my girls!}

Never one to know how to work on one project at a time, I've also been working on Rosey's patisserie. This is my first dollhouse built from the ground up and so far it's coming along just fine. Here is the dark chocolate brown flooring - yum! I'm wondering how pretty it might look with a brown/white diamond pattern? So much to think about - and so fun!

I'm using the Storybook Cottage {below} for the patisserie and I think the girls and I have decided that we will paint it robin's egg blue. But more on that later! Hope my mini friends are doing well!